October 2019 Newsletter

As the Board quickly approaches its first-year anniversary, I’m delighted to reach out to our Catholic School Community. I’m proud to report that my fellow Trustees and I are hard at work, continuing to participate in committee work, visiting schools and advocating to local and provincial politicians for funding and for the protection of Catholic Education.   Our principle role as Trustees is to promote on a continual basis the Board’s main objective: that every student achieves, believes and belongs. These three very simple words that are at the very core of our safe Catholic learning environment.

As you may know, most of our unionized employee groups are currently in the midst of negotiating collective agreements. CUPE recently reached a tentative agreement at the provincial level, which was great news for our CUPE support staff, as well as our students and families.

As a Board, we are committed to the success of the contract negotiation process, both at the provincial (central) and local levels and look forward to reaching renewed contract agreements with all of our union groups as soon as possible.

For more information about the collective bargaining process, please visit: bit.ly/HCDSB-LabourUpdates and as new information becomes available, we will provide any updates through:

As usual,  I welcome and encourage you to reach out to me with your questions and concerns at  DeRosaP@HCDSB.org , Phone: 416-9382529

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

Peter DeRosa
Oakville Trustee and Chair of The Board

Amanda BartucciOctober 2019 Newsletter