April 2020 Newsletter

I am keeping you all – students, families, teachers, and staff of HCDSB – in my prayer intentions during this difficult time of the pandemic as well as all health care providers and workers on the front lines.

We are now focusing our efforts to ensure successful student Distant Learning. I know there is much to adapt to, but everyone at HCDSB is working very hard to achieve this. Many details are outlined in communications from the Board, Principals and Teachers, and are available on our website at this link: bit.ly/COVID-19Updates-HCDSB

Thank you to the community for sending insightful feedback to our Budget Consultation Survey. This timely input always helps us as we prioritize the needs of the budget for 2020-2021.

My focus is on student learning, achievement and well-being, and support to parents/guardians, teachers and volunteers who work for ensuring their success.

To that end, a highlight for me was the recent establishment of a new policy, Policy II-51, French Immersion and Extended French Programming. One tremendous outcome was that the French Immersion program at HCDSB was expanded by adding up to two extra classrooms where there was a waitlist in each municipality for September 2020. Future decisions as to the growth of the program are pending boundary reviews.

My faith and my hope is that this pandemic brings students, families, teachers, principals, and our parish communities closer together as we will have found creative ways to stay connected, practice charity, faith and hope and to emerge from this pandemic stronger, more united, with a stronger trust in God and love of neighbor.

During Holy week and Easter, when we would have normally participated in many liturgies, I’m passing you a link that wonderfully explains spiritual communions and what we can do since we cannot attend Mass:

As well as missing the Easter liturgies, you may also be missing the music. Andrea Bocelli is performing livestream from the empty Duomo Cathedral on Easter Sunday: https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2020-04-07/andrea-bocelli-live-cathedral-easter

With great gratitude, I thank the Parish communities of Oakville for all the virtual outreach they are utilizing to ensure our much-needed spiritual nourishment during this time.

May you enter into the mysteries of our redemption during Holy Week and experience the great joy of Easter. Let this Holy Week and Easter be a magnet that draws us deeper in our relationship with Christ.

Fondest regards,


Amanda BartucciApril 2020 Newsletter