December 2020 Newsletter

As we come to the close of this strange, confusing and trying year, and one that I don’t think anyone will ever forget, I want to send my heartfelt applause to everyone for making it through and doing the best that you could.

It would be easy to fill a page of the all of the conversations that took place at the board table this past year and recap the initiatives that were implemented or planned, the budgets and back to school planning and constant need for adaptation, all of which are not to be minimized in their importance. But I think I would rather spend my time in this message showing appreciation and respect to all of you for all that you have done in 2020.

For the parents who helped to steer and navigate their children through an unknown path of school closures, lockdowns, relationship management, mental health struggles, cancelled activities, and all the while trying to keep focused on your jobs, paying bills, providing the essentials and the added strain of some unexpected spring homeschooling, just to name some of the challenges you have faced as parents this past year. Showing up for your kids and calming their fears, answering their questions and being there for them then and now as we still see our way through a pandemic. Parenting can be hard most days, but parenting through 2020 has tested many and your love and commitment to your children is to be celebrated.

For the students who showed resiliency and courage as they faced new challenges in learning, lost out on many social activities, cancelled team sports, struggled through uncertainty, and have continued to show up and be present and do their very best to the best of their ability each day. It cannot be easy being a kid right now in a lot of ways and yet our students have done amazingly. We should be so proud of all of them for how well they have handled all that has come at them.

For the teachers, EAs, ECEs, support staff, and admin for their continued dedication to our students, no matter what is thrown your way. You have pushed through worry and fear, changing learning environments, technology challenges, classroom configurations like never before, hybrid models and so much more. But you, like our students, show up every day, in every way, and do your very best to make sure our students feel safe and welcomed and set up for success. There are not enough words to show how much I value and appreciate all of you, and how lucky our students are to have you.

This Christmas season, as we celebrate our blessings and rejoice in the birth of Jesus, I hope we can all take a moment to acknowledge that we have so much to be grateful for. That despite many hardships that some have faced and with much uncertainty still surrounding us, we can find some peace and some joy and be kind to ourselves and our loved ones. We are all trying our best and that is all that we can do.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. I wish you all of the seasons greetings and I wish you health, happiness, love and light for the New Year.

Brenda Agnew

Amanda BartucciDecember 2020 Newsletter