December 2020 Newsletter

My Dear friends, colleagues, and members of the HCDSB family,

COVID-19 has compelled us to change our behaviour so that we may keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Distancing ourselves from each other has sadly become an act of love whereas hugs and kisses have become dangerous.

With less than 10 days away, we know that it will be a Christmas like no other as we struggle to figure out how to best celebrate this most holy time. Nevertheless, let us all be comforted by reminding ourselves that the true meaning of Christmas exists in the humble adoration of our saviour Jesus Christ, making sure that no one is left alone and to help the less fortunate.

In that spirit, my wife Laura and I want to share with you and your loved ones our personal best wishes with the following prayer:

Thank you, Lord, for giving us the strength,
To take the test of life,
Thanks for standing with us,
In all our struggles and strive,
On this occasion of Christmas,
A special thanks to the Almighty,
Thank you for keeping us blessed,
Merry Christmas!

Peter DeRosa
Oakville Trustee

Amanda BartucciDecember 2020 Newsletter