December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Halton Hills residents, 

I hope you are doing well and that your families are keeping safe and staying healthy. 

It seems hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us. This has been a year like no other, and while I never want to wish time away, I will admit that I will be happy to turn the page and begin a new chapter as we welcome in a new year. 

Despite all the challenges we  faced in 2020, I feel a tremendous amount of pride and gratitude when I think about the ways in which we pulled together as a school district, and as a community of friends and neighbours. We found new ways to connect with one another during a pandemic lockdown. We changed the way we work, and learn and celebrate graduations and special holidays. We discovered new thresholds of patience as we waited in line to do our grocery shopping, and we turned face masks into the latest and greatest fashion accessory. We survived 2020, as difficult as it was, through faith and perseverance. 

In a few days we will celebrate the birth of the Christ child who brings hope and optimism into our world – a beacon of light in the darkness, holding the promise of better times ahead! 

Sending blessings of peace and happiness to you and your loved ones this Christmas. All the best for a very happy, safe and healthy 2021!

I always like to end my messages with a prayer, and so I leave you with the one below that I recently came across, as it really seemed to resonate.  

A Christmas Prayer

(author unknown)

Lord, we look forward to the coming of the light of Christ at Christmas. 

Help us to turn toward the light in our lives and to share it in turn with everyone we encounter.

May our preparation for the birth of your son please you, and may we be ready for the coming of your kingdom. 

Teach us the wisdom of humility to walk in your ways that we may love and respect each other as your sons and daughters. 

Guide us to break down the walls which divide nations and peoples and help us to lay the path to peace. 

May we be people of peace and justice all the days of our lives. 


~ Janet

Amanda BartucciDecember 2020 Newsletter