Peter DeRosa – Oakville Trustee

April 2020 Newsletter

Dear HCDSB Families, We closed our eyes and woke up in another world – a world where hugs are feared, lifesaving tools are scarce and staying away from family and friends has become an act of love. We are grateful for the heroes who put themselves in harm’s way waging a war every day to return

October 2019 Newsletter

As the Board quickly approaches its first-year anniversary, I’m delighted to reach out to our Catholic School Community. I’m proud to report that my fellow Trustees and I are hard at work, continuing to participate in committee work, visiting schools and advocating to local and provincial politicians for funding and for the protection of Catholic ...

April 2019 Newsletter

It is a pleasure for me to serve as one of your elected Catholic School Trustees for Oakville and Chair of the Board for the 2019-2020 school year. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and provide you with the highlights of the last few months. Every time I visit a school I ...

Peter DeRosa
Chair of the Board
& Oakville Trustee

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Amanda BartucciPeter DeRosa – Oakville Trustee