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Happy Thanksgiving!

It can be hard sometimes to remember and focus on the things we should be thankful for, things we need to be thankful for. Life gets busy and we get stressed and we often lose ourselves in complaints about work, society, school and everything else that affects our daily life. These past few months I

December 2020 Newsletter

As we come to the close of this strange, confusing and trying year, and one that I don’t think anyone will ever forget, I want to send my heartfelt applause to everyone for making it through and doing the best that you could. It would be easy to fill a page of the all of

Being a Caregiver During COVID-19

Written by Brenda Agnew. Take a look outside, and you will see a different world than what we knew only two months ago. Everyone is doing their best to adapt to this new reality with many unexpected challenges. In this blog, I will share the experience of how my family and I have been coping with

April 2020 Newsletter

This update comes to you at a time of so much uncertainty, while we navigate the new landscape of a global pandemic. I send all of you my sincere wishes for strength and patience as you figure out how to deal with daily worries, having your children home from school, not being able to physically

October 2019 Newsletter

It is incredibly hard to believe we are now in October, with a full month of school already behind us!  It was only a few months ago that I was attending Grade 8 and Grade 12 graduation ceremonies, and now those students are navigating new hallways, friends, classrooms and teachers as they embark on their ...

April 2019 Newsletter

‘Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.’ – St. Teresa of Calcutta I want to start off my first message by saying how honoured and grateful I am to be a newly elected HCDSB Trustee At Large for the City of Burlington. I take my role very seriously ...

Brenda Agnew
Burlington Trustee


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