Patrick Murphy – Milton Trustee

April 2020 Newsletter

Hello HCDSB Family, I hope this letter finds you and your families safe and well. We are living in unprecedented times for current generations. Humankind has faced many pandemics and similar troubling times in the past. I am sure there are older members of our community who have lived through the Second World War, where

October 2019 Newsletter

As a new school year starts and we are back to our “normal routine”, I hope you had some time off during the summer to spend time with your family and recharge your batteries. We are very busy at the Board, reviewing several of the recent Stakeholder surveys, and focusing on enhancing our current programmes and policies. There are some new policies before the Board, such as Policies II-52 and II-51. Policy II-52 Student use ...

April 2019 Newsletter

Hello, It has been a little over 4 months since the Board of Trustees 2018-2022 have been sworn in. Over this period, we have been learning about our roles and responsibilities as Trustees, as we deal with the ongoing business of the board. The Trustees have been very fortunate to be able to rely on

Patrick Murphy
Vice-Chair of the Board
& Milton Trustee


Amanda BartucciPatrick Murphy – Milton Trustee