Tim O’Brien – Burlington Trustee

December 2020 Newsletter

Throughout the centuries, the Catholic church has been at the forefront of responding to pandemics. From 1576 when St. Charles Borromeo built alters on top of hills at crossroads to residents could participate in the Eucharist from their windows; to 1656 when Pope Alexander VII ran the network of hospitals in Rome in order to

April 2020 Newsletter

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” – Charles Dickens In the midst of one of most devasting times of Canadian (and possibly world) history, Halton Catholic could have easily folded and given into fear, panic and despair. But, that is not what I’m seeing. The immediate response of working

October 2019 Newsletter

A lot has been happening around the Board table in the last several months. The survey for gifted parents that went out last April indicated that students were relatively satisfied with the results of the placement for secondary gifted students. Presently, elementary gifted students are placed in a Special Education classroom with partial integration in the rest of the school. Our secondary gifted students are placed ...

April 2019 Newsletter

These first four months as trustee have gone by so fast. There are so many great things going on in Halton Catholic that it is a full-time job keeping up. To begin, I had the honour of judging one of the regional speech contests at St. Timothy’s Elementary. The caliber of speeches done with so ...

Tim O’Brien
Burlington Trustee


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